Zeropark Documentation

Carrier Targeting

To get the most out of your campaign, you can split the devices and try to target mobile traffic only.

You might consider plenty of use cases for such targeting. For example, there are more chances to get a conversion on mobile game offer on Wi-Fi traffic, while PIN-submits will perform better on the carrier one, especially if you are looking for some specific set of numbers. Having several campaigns that target different devices separately might also help you with split-testing your landing pages.

In this article, you will learn more about setting up carrier targeting and how to optimize your campaign settings.

Turn on Carrier Traffic

  1. Go to the campaign’s view by either:

    • editing the existing campaign by clicking the Edit button in the campaign’s Dashboard.



    • creating a new campaign in Zeropark and following the regular steps in the campaign’s setup.

  2. Scroll down to the Traffic Filters section and select the Mobile Only radio button.

  3. Click the Show button to display the advanced options.

  4. There are four network sources options available:

    • Carrier traffic and Wi-Fi: All available mobile traffic

    • Wi-Fi traffic only: All Wi-Fi traffic for that geo

    • Carrier traffic only: All Carrier traffic for that geo

    • Selected Carriers: Allows you to select specific carriers

      If you have chosen this option, you will be prompted to select specific carriers from specific countries. This allows you to target exactly the carriers you want:

    Select the networks you would like to target.

  5. Once you have made a decision which carriers you want to target, continue with the campaign’s setup as usual.