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Campaign Verticals


Get a list of all verticals that you may set for your campaign. Learn how defining a vertical during a campaign creation process in Zeropark may benefit you.

In Zeropark you will find the Campaign Vertical labels rolled out on all active advertisers’ accounts.

Labeling helps us determine the effectiveness of supply partners in each vertical, and thus, algorithmically increase the conversion rates of your future campaigns.

Granular segmentation of traffic means the improved performance of campaigns, more insights coming from your dedicated AMs, faster approval times and stable volumes on targets/sources.

Except for campaign verticals, we are also asking you to let us know if you are using pre-landers or direct linking.


Zeropark Tip: Remember: more insights – less money spent on testing and more conversions in the future.

Selecting a Vertical

You can select a vertical of your campaign in a campaign's edit form:


Campaign Verticals List

Below you can find the full list of verticals we have for you. If you think any of them are missing or you are experiencing trouble with the categorization of your offer, don’t hesitate to write to our support. Keep in mind also, that the list you have on your dashboard is dynamic, and you will be presented only with the verticals available for your campaign settings.


The verticals below are available for both mainstream and adult traffic.




  • App Smartlink

  • Utility & VPN

  • Dating

  • Antivirus

  • Casino & Gambling

  • Other

  • Games


  • Insurance

  • Loans

  • Investing

  • Real Estate

  • Binary Options/Trading

  • Trading

  • Smartlinks

  • App

  • Cams/Tube sites

  • Dating

  • Social network

  • Shopping

  • Games

  • Nutra & Enhancement


  • Surveys & Sweeps

  • Smartlink

  • Sports Betting

  • Crypto Offers

  • Dating

  • PIN Submit

  • Casino & Gambling

  • Mainstream VOD/Streaming

  • Lead Generation

Shopping & Travel

  • Travel Booking Sites

  • Shopping



  • Games

  • Software

  • Antivirus

  • Utility VPN

  • Smartlink

  • Toolbar Extensions


  • Careers

  • Service & Repairs

  • Education / Personal developmen

  • Hobbies & Interests


Health and Beauty

  • Pharmacy

  • Recreational Drugs & Weed

  • Nutra & Diet