Zeropark Documentation

Adding Targets and Sources


Learn how to add sources and targets to your source or target campaigns. This step is required if you want to start buying traffic for these campaigns.

Zeropark enables you to buy traffic from specific Target and/or Sources with the Target/Sources campaigns. So in order to start receiving traffic, you will need to provide one or more target or a source during or after a campaign creation process. These targeting options are available for all traffic types.

Targets and Sources

Before we kick off this tutorial, first let’s make sure you have clarity when it comes to the terminology we use.

  • Target is a single website on which a recipient subscribed to push notifications.

  • Source is a single publisher who displays your ads.

This means that one source can consist of many targets, as publishers most often have multiple websites tied to their Zeropark accounts.

Get Sources or Targets

The usual approach for running Target or Source campaigns in Zeropark is to first run a RON campaign to identify the best-converting sources and targets.

Once you’ve done that, these targets/sources can become a whitelist for your new campaign, that’s going to be fueled by proven, well-performing traffic that you’ve identified. Target/Source Campaigns in Zeropark let you upload this whitelist.

Add Targets/Sources For Your Campaign

Targets can be added during the campaign creation process, after providing basic campaign details, while both targets and sources can be provided later, in the campaign details view. Until you provide at least one target or source, your campaign will not receive any traffic. The status of such a campaign will be set to either draft_no_sources.png or draft_no_targets.png.

  1. Create a new by providing all basic campaign information and clicking the Source or Target campaign in the usual waySave button. Read the Starting a New Campaign article to learn more.

  2. (For target campaigns only) Target campaigns allow you to add targets right after providing basic campaign information. Once you click the Save button, the Add targets view will show up.

    1. Select targets from the list on the left.

    2. Click the Add selected targets button.

    3. Click the Save button.


      Note that if you click the Save button without adding any targets, your campaign will be saved in the draft_no_targets.png mode. In order to start receiving traffic, you will have to add sources from a campaign details view (in the same way as for source campaigns).

  3. (For all source campaigns or for target Campaigns without any targets added) The campaign has been created. If you’d like to change anything, hit the Edit button. If you’d like to proceed to add sources or targets, click the Go to details button.

  4. Click the Add custom targets or Add custom sources button, depending on the campaign type. The Bulk add targets/sources pop-up window will appear.

  5. Add the sources or targets separated by a comma, semicolon, enter or whitespace and click the Add targets button.

  6. When added successfully, they will appear on the list right away.


    You can add new sources/targets at any moment. not only just after creating a campaign.

Running Target/Source campaigns with Push Ads in Zeropark is a tremendous step in the optimization process of push notification traffic once you tried an offer with a RON campaign.

Adding the targets or sources that have already proven their performance is a great way to increase the efficiency of your advertising ventures. Keep in mind that you can always add new and/or pause targets/sources, as well as set custom bids to further optimize your Target and Source campaigns.